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Poland is shaping into an attractive startup hub

With a population of roughly 38 million people, Poland is commonly known for its highly skilled and inexpensive tech talent in the startup world.

The proliferation of startup events, communities and entrepreneurial initiatives across the country is shaping Poland into an interesting startup region to follow. And big companies, such as Google and Deutsche Telekom, are watching closely.

The search giant has already opened its Google for Entrepreneurs program in Krakow and announced earlier this month its plans on opening a Campus in Warsaw.

Considering that Google Campuses – which offer access to mentors and training in local startup communities – currently operate only in London and Tel Aviv, the decision to open one in Warsaw says a lot about how the search company perceives the potential of Poland and Central Eastern Europe.

Last April, Deutsche Telekom also made a move to get closer to this market by bringing its Hub:raum incubator and accelerator to Krakow. The aim? To support startups from Central and Eastern Europe by connecting teams to seed funding, co-working space, mentorship and access to Deutsche Telekom’s network.

There’s a reason why many tech juggernauts, such as Google, IBM, Opera Software and Microsoft, have their R&D centres in Poland. It’s no secret that starting up in a Polish city means access to a pool of affordable technical talent.

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