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US administration's new FCC chairman is hastily pursuing the anti-consumer policies dismantling net neutrality regulations.
New US rules regulating broadband providers more heavily than in the past prohibit them from discriminating against any web site or online...
Federal Communications Commission bows to the massive public campaign for protection of net neutrality.
The US has officially accused North Korean government for being a primary culprit behind November cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.
The little mouse-shaped sensor-laden bot can see and react to a cat’s movements thanks to a full-on AI system.
Bluetooth enabled wristbend eliminates the need for complicated passwords and cumbersome keys.
iMessage feature opens a door for the claim of “a tortious interference with contract” against Apple.
American venture funds more willing to invest money, talk more to startup founders, and take faster decisions.
Global startup network has revealed interesting data shedding light on various aspects of entrepreneurial activity on the platform – with a focus...
The investment continues to dog European start-ups with companies not being able to access capital as freely as their U.S. counterparts.