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Crowdfunding in Europe has attained a significant level of growth, adoption and maturity in recent years by offering new investment opportunities and...
American venture funds more willing to invest money, talk more to startup founders, and take faster decisions.
Prezi, Alumn-e, CartoDB and paij GmbH awarded as the best European Web Entrepreneurs of the Year.
Startup Europe Partnership released a preliminary report mapping the most relevant elements related to the European startup ecosystem.
A list of leading European travel technology startups.
A short list of issues for startups to consider to avoid legal trouble concerning a trademark.
In the third quarter of 2014 the investors pumped nearly €2.3 billion into more than 300 companies.
The Italian startup ecosystem is becoming increasingly international with a number of companies expanding their footprint globally.
Brain-training apps to improve cognitive abilities are on the roll.
EU startups launching great products in the burgeoning wearable technology market, yet all the major acquisitions happening in US.
75 percent campaigns failed during the first six months of crowdfunding platform's operation in the Netherlands.
Startups are gearing towards Europe becoming the largest e-book market in the world by 2017 with estimated revenues of $19 billion.